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Todays challenges of mission-driven companies

In the current digital landscape, companies are often overwhelmed by the complexity of technology. They struggle with the challenge of leveraging Cloud effectively. This results in wasted time, lack of productivity and missed opportunities.

Governance is a major concern. As operations move or work online, companies need to ensure managing their digital tools and data in a way that is compliant, secure and efficient. However, not all companies have the expertise to establish and maintain effective governance.

Mission-driven companies want to make a positive impact in the world. But they often find themselves being obstructed by technological barriers. They need solutions that not only meet their operational needs, but also align with their values and mission.


Short pathways

We work with small framed flows so that projects are short and sweet. No endless hopeless trajectories or unclear budgets.


Secure & flexible

Our priority is to turn customers into fans. Not convinced by our approach and competence? Then our cooperation stops for free. 


Quick results

We work pragmatically, with short lines of communication. As soon as the assignment is clear, we get straight to work.

Your journey starts here... how?

If you deal with these challenges, we’re here to help. We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why our aim is to save 20% in time by developing efficient solutions and employing technology. 

We see technology as a support for your business. Our goal is to increase efficiency, foster happy employees, and ultimately, boost your profits.

We’re committed to making the world a little bit more beautiful, one step at a time. We work with companies like yours that aspire to have a positive impact. Together, we can overcome technological barriers and achieve your mission.

the owners of KbWorks, Paul Keijzers and Debby van der Mije smiling

Copilot Guide

Implement Copilot quick and safe
  • Download your free Copilot Guide. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll have Copilot up and running in no time. This allows your company to quickly benefit from Copilot’s capabilities.


Small projects, Big results
  • We optimize your M365 environment, focusing on delivering time savings, reducing operational costs, and enhancing structure and efficiency in your workflows.

Monthly 365 roadmap

Always informed and aware
  • Every month, you’re updated about the most crucial changes within M365 for your company. We prepare you for what lies ahead, enabling you to save time and concentrate on your work.

Trusted bij our customers

Nel Aarts
Nel Aarts
Gebruikersvriendelijke uitleg middels filmpjes.
huub veen
huub veen
Goede uitleg, veel bruikbare informatie
Peter Kroon
Peter Kroon
KbWorks heeft ons uitstekend geholpen met de opzet en begeleiding van online-klantsessies via Teams. Wij hebben van onze klanten positieve feedback gekregen op de inhoud (gelukkig maar ;-)), maar ook op de opzet en professionele aanpak. Aanbevolen!
Marianne Bakker
Marianne Bakker
Kb Works help mij om op de hoogte te blijven van alle nieuwe functionaliteiten van teams. Heel fijn!
Diecke Vos
Diecke Vos
Relevante en up-to-date informatie over Microsoft producten.
Hans Siebers
Hans Siebers
De door KbWorks aangereikte informatie is actueel, nuttig, duidelijk. Het niveau blijft over een ruime periode ook constant goed en vooral op een prettige manier gebracht.
G Lamerichs
G Lamerichs
Door de tips en duidelijke uitleg van kbworks lijk ik op mijn werk de Teams-professional!
Esra Klick
Esra Klick
De video's die periodiek gepost worden zijn erg handig, omdat het vaak praktijksituaties zijn die herkenbaar zijn voor iedereen. Top, ga zo door!

Building Success Together

Debby van der Mije
a picture of Paul Keijzers, Founder and Microsoft MVP of KbWorks
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