More time for fun

Our Mission

More time for fun

Time is valuable. That’s why we go for 20% time savings.
By deploying and using technology smartly, that is exactly what you get.

We see technology as the means and the business as the end.
Efficiency. Happy employees. And more profits.

We work with mission-driven (international) organizations that want to have a positive impact on the world and their environment. Together we strive to make the world a little more beautiful.

Our clients experience the benefits of setting up and using Microsoft 365 smartly and securely. With our guidance, they can achieve much more in less time by effectively using technology to achieve their goals.

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Our history

And who are we today

KbWorks. What does that actually stand for? It all started when Paul Keijzers (owner KbWorks) spent quite a few hours on the Internet under the name “Kiteboardertje” (Kb). Not just any name, because kitesurfing is his great passion. When he finished college and went to work, the name Kiteboardertje changed to KbWorks. Kb’tje went to work 🙂

In 2007, Paul Keijzers decided to go into business and KbWorks became his trade name. Now KbWorks is a notion in the IT world and on social media. Paul has been Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) has been sharing,  for many years, KbWorks valuable blogs, videos and updates on the use and capabilities of Teams, SharePoint and Microsoft 365. His content focuses on exploring and maximising the use and capabilities of Teams, SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Paul Keijzers works with a Enthusiastic club of professionals. Also, as Microsoft MVP, he uses his short lines of communication with Microsoft, to best serve customers.

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Paul Keijzers MVP

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