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02-July-2024 Below you will find a collection of news published yesterday. This news consists of Microsoft’s Roadmap when it is updated it will be below with items. Then there will be a section with the message center, if there is anything new there, this will be automatically included. And it contains a piece from blogs that I follow myself and would like to share with you. If I miss something in the blogs that do have an RSS feed, please let me know.

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Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-07-02

Items from the MessageCenter in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps: Files page retires September 1, 2024
Category:Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

We will be retiring the Files page from Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps on September 1, 2024.

Information Protection policies can be created, modified and explored via the Policy Management page.

You can explore malware files on the Policy Management page.

You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates one or more users in your organization are using the Files page in Defender for Cloud Apps.

Learn more: File filters – Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps | Microsoft Learn

Power Platform – Storage Shared Access Signature security enhancements announcement
Category:Power Platform
We are announcing the public preview of security enhancements for Storage Shared Access Signature (SAS) for the Microsoft Power Platform. These new security enhancements will be made available for public preview starting on July 15, 2024, and we plan to be make it widely available starting on August 1, 2024.

How does this affect me?
This security enhancement adds IP restrictions to SAS calls, which are used to provide data export to users or to collect data imports from users. This feature will allow tenant admins to configure the following controls at an environment level:

SAS IP Restrictions – This control will allow admins to add IP restrictions to SAS calls outlined in the below table and this documentation: Storage Shared Access Signature (SAS) IP restriction
Setting Description
IP Binding OnlyThis restricts SAS keys to the requester’s IP.
IP Firewall OnlyThis restricts using SAS keys to only work within an admin specified range.
IP Binding and FirewallThis restricts using SAS keys to work within an admin-specified range and only to the requestor’s IP.
IP Binding or FirewallIf the request comes from within the specified range, its only usable within that range. If the request comes from outside the range, IP Binding is applied.

Logging of SAS calls – This control enables all SAS calls within Power Platform to be logged into Purview. This logging shows the relevant metadata for all creation and usage events and can be enabled independently of the SAS IP restrictions. More information about this control can be found in this documentation: Logging of SAS calls

What do I need to do to prepare?
Leading up to and during the public preview period, admins will be able to find these controls in the Power Platform admin center. Admins can access these controls using the following path:

Environments > [Select Desired Environment] > Settings > Product > Privacy + Security > Storage Shared Access Signature (SAS) Security

If you experience any issues with this new feature or have additional questions, please contact Microsoft Support.

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