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07-May-2024 Below you will find a collection of news published yesterday. This news consists of Microsoft’s Roadmap when it is updated it will be below with items. Then there will be a section with the message center, if there is anything new there, this will be automatically included. And it contains a piece from blogs that I follow myself and would like to share with you. If I miss something in the blogs that do have an RSS feed, please let me know.

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Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-05-07

Additions : 9
Updates : 15

More Details At:

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Microsoft Teams: Request to join a shared channel via channel linkIn Development
Microsoft Intune: Managed device attestation for iOS/iPadOS and macOS device enrollment and ADEIn Development
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Data Lifecycle Management – Automatic data preservation for high-risk usersIn Development
Microsoft Purview: Data Loss Prevention for endpoints-Archive File Support for Mac EndpointsIn Development
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Information Protection – Sensitivity labels protection policy support for Azure SQL, Azure Storage, and Amazon S3In Development
Microsoft Teams: Teams devices – Cancel scheduled device operations through Teams admin centerIn Development
Microsoft Teams: Shifts plugin for Copilot for Microsoft 365In Development
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Data Lifecycle Management – Record opening behavior improvement in Office client applications (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint)In Development
Microsoft Viva: Viva Engage – Topic Subscription notificationIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
Microsoft Teams: Automatically view up to 9 videos (3×3) in Teams meetings in Chrome and EdgeLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Viva: Viva Learning – Language selection for usersRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Teams Phone and Teams Rooms licenses in device storeLaunchedStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams: New Teams meeting templates added to Outlook Teams add-inLaunchedStatus, Description
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Data Loss Prevention for endpoints-Support for Two New Predicates on Endpoint DLPRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Hide general channelLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Meeting invite improvementsLaunchedStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams: Tags will be supported in Private ChannelsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Tags in Shared ChannelsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: External domain activity report export capabilityLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: See multiple participants and shared content preview in improved presenter window when screen sharingRolling OutStatus
Outlook: New "Categorized email" and "Mail from specific people" search folders will be supported in the new Outlook for Windows and webRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Clipchamp: Work account support in Clipchamp’s desktop appLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Apps now supported in group chats with external usersRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Honor Tenant admin control settings for Microsoft Bookings SMS functionality in the Bookings app in TeamsLaunchedDescription

Items from the MessageCenter in Microsoft 365

Power Platform – Public Preview of solution-aware cloud flow sharing limits in Managed Environments
Category:Dynamics 365 Apps Power Apps
We are announcing that the Public Preview of solution-aware cloud flow sharing limits for Power Platform Managed Environments will be available starting in June 2024. This feature gives users the ability to turn sharing on and off for solution-aware cloud flows at the managed environment level and provides a sharing rule that can be applied to entire environment groups.

How does this affect me?
Sharing limits give admins the ability to specify which user(s) or group(s) are allowed to share data, and which data is allowed to be shared.

Sharing limits can be set at the managed environment level, meaning these limits would apply to all solution-aware cloud flows within that environment. Sharing limits can also be applied to an entire environment group, allowing admins to easily manage sharing across multiple environments.

What do I need to do to prepare?
For additional information, please refer to the following documentation:
Microsoft Purview | Insider Risk Management: Policy tuning analysis for priority content only policies
Category:Microsoft 365 suite

Coming soon in public preview for Microsoft Purview compliance portal | Insider Risk Management: Policy tuning analysis provides admins with a real-time prediction of the number of users in a tenant that could potentially match a given set of policy conditions. With this update, policy tuning analysis will support insider risk policies that are scoped for priority content.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 378409.

[When this will happen:]

Public Preview: We will begin rolling out mid-May 2024 and expect to complete by late May 2024.

[How this will affect your organization:]

With this rollout, admins can use real-time analytics for policies that are scoped for priority content to help predict the number of users that could potentially match a given set of policy conditions. This feature enables admins to quickly adjust the selection of indicators and thresholds of activity occurrence so you can efficiently translate your insider risk strategies into pragmatic controls and avoid too few or too many alerts.

admin controls

[What you need to do to prepare:]

To use this feature, admins will need to enable Analytics in Insider risk management > Settings. After Analytics is enabled and insights are populated, admins will be able to see real-time predictions in policies that are scoped to all users/groups and scored only for priority content.

This rollout will happen automatically by the specified date with no admin action required before the rollout. You may want to notify your users about this change and update any relevant documentation as appropriate.

Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management correlates various signals to identify potential malicious or inadvertent insider risks, such as IP theft, data leakage and security violations. Insider Risk Management enables customers to create policies based on their own internal policies, governance and organizational requirements. Built with privacy by design, users are pseudonymized by default, and role-based access controls and audit logs are in place to help ensure user-level privacy.

You can access the Insider Risk Management solution in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

Learn more: Configure policy indicators in insider risk management | Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Purview | Information Protection – Sensitivity label protection policy for Azure SQL, Storage, and Amazon S3
Category:Microsoft 365 suite

In Microsoft Purview, Information Protection will introduce a new feature called Protection Policy to create new protection policies for label-based protection. This enhanced protection can be applied to the following services:

  • Azure SQL: Databases hosted on Microsoft’s cloud platform.
  • Azure Data Lake Gen 2: Large-scale data storage and analytics service.
  • Azure Blob Storage: A service for storing large amounts of unstructured data.
  • Amazon S3: Amazon’s cloud storage service.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 394282

[When this will happen:]

General Availability: We will begin rolling out early November 2024 and expect to complete by late November 2024.

[How this will affect your organization:]

During the public preview phase, you can use these label-based protections without any extra cost. However, once this period ends, a pay-as-you-go pricing model will be implemented for continued use of these features.

To create your initial protection policy, go to the Microsoft Purview Portal and navigate to the Information Protection application.

This image shows a protection policy created for data sources within Azure:

RW1kR1Q?ver=2625 - KbWorks - SharePoint & Teams Specialist

[What you need to do to prepare:]

Visit the Information Protection app in Microsoft Purview Portal and try to create your first protection policy. Learn more here:

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