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08-March-2024 Onderstaand vindt je een verzameling van nieuws dat gisteren is gepubliseerd. Dit nieuws bestaat uit de Roadmap van Microsoft wanneer deze geupdate is zal deze hieronder staan met items. Daarna komt er een stukje met het messagecenter als daar iets nieuws inzit word dit automatisch meegenomen. En er zit een stukje in van Blogs die ik zelf volg en graag met je deel. Mis ik iets in de blogs wat wel een rss feed heeft laat het me dan weten.

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De blogs van deze dag zijn

Create Stunning Excel Gantt Charts Easilyvan IT_Integral
Expand Microsoft 365 Copilot: Key Extensibility Optionsvan IT_Integral
Difference between Dataverse N:N vs Choice vs Manual N:Nvan @UK365GUY
{How to} Migrate to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice instead of Survey Monkeyvan @UK365GUY
Engagement Optimization and increase conversion rates with email A/B testingvan @UK365GUY
{How to} Double Opt in to improve engagement and compliance in Dynamics 365 Customer Insightsvan @UK365GUY
{Do you know} Show records enabled for unified routing in inbox Dynamics 365 Omnichannelvan @UK365GUY
{How to} Capture responses from external third party forms dynamics 365 customer insightsvan @UK365GUY
Microsoft Announces Restricted SharePoint Searchvan @12Knocksinna
Unlock Efficiency: Explore Microsofts Copilot for Formsvan IT_Integral
Copilot: Upgrade Your Microsoft Forms Now!van IT_Integral
PowerPoint with Copilot Bootcamp – MS 365 Guidevan IT_Integral
Amplify your comms reach using Microsoft Viva: A Viva Connections & Amplify FAQvan @devjhorst
Excel Masterclass: Sort Data Multi-Level, Horizontally and Formulasvan IT_Integral
Master SharePoint Doc Library: Essential Guidevan IT_Integral
The Hidden Costs of Over-Cc’ing in Business Emailsvan @chambernate
Important update on OneDrive URL upload featurevan @Microsoft365Dev
Control your frontline managers permissions in Microsoft Shiftsvan @mstcommunity
Excel Online Launches Innovative Connected Tables Featurevan IT_Integral
What’s New in Microsoft EDU – 22 updates for March 2024van IT_Integral
Exciting updates to Power Apps Modern Control Updates are here!van IT_Integral
Preferred solution is now Generally Availablevan IT_Integral
Synchronise Microsoft Shifts with Outlook Calendars in Power Automate the 2024 wayvan @PieterVeenstra
Enhancing SharePoint Pages: A Guide to Using Video Backgrounds in Page Sectionsvan @joao12ferreira
Preferred solution is now Generally Availablevan @MSPowerApps
{Do you know} Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Increase control and flexibility when attaching to data in Microsoft Dataversevan @UK365GUY
A Guide to Executing Test-MdiReadiness.ps1van @ShaunHardneck
OneDrive Copilot: Streamline File Management Effortlesslyvan IT_Integral
Using CLI for Microsoft 365 in TypeScript Azure Functionsvan @eliostruyf
Microsoft Teams News – March 2024 Updatevan @tomarbuthnot
Seamless Tasks and Tracking – Loop + Plannervan IT_Integral

Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-03-08

Additions : 8
Updates : 20

More Details At:

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Microsoft Teams: Citations for Copilot in Teams meetings available on mobileIn Development
Microsoft Teams: Shared call history for delegates and delegatorsIn Development
Microsoft Syntex: Creators and recipients can view, track, and sign their eSignature requests in Approvals in TeamsIn Development
Microsoft Teams: Transfer Teams calls to mobile callsIn Development
Outlook: Show online archive storage in the new Outlook for Windows and WebIn Development
Outlook: New "Categorized email" and "Mail from specific people" search folders will be supported in the new Outlook for Windows and webIn Development
SharePoint: New Banner web part (updated title area) in SharePoint Pages and NewsIn Development
Outlook: Open a Teams Meeting chatIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
SharePoint: Microsoft Lists – Microsoft Lists – Approvals integrationLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Create offline meetings in TeamsLaunchedStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams: Custom backgrounds for announcement posts in channelsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Channel meeting invitationsLaunchedStatus, Description
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Data Loss Prevention – customization & preview of email notificationsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams Admin Center: Configure maintenance window for Teams devicesLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Viva: Viva Goals – Simplified integration discoverability and set-up experienceCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Data Loss Prevention – recommendations for new policies and policy finetuningLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Information Protection – Sensitivity labels to protect Microsoft Teams shared channelsIn DevelopmentStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams: Private LineRolling OutDescription
Outlook: New Outlook for Windows – New location for add-ins and integration with Teams search-based message extensionsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Attack Simulation Training in DoDRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Viva: Viva Goals–Improved organization admin settings experienceCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: Viva Goals–Goals Bulk Import EnhancementsCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams: 3P eCDN support for town halls (Premium)Rolling OutStatus
Microsoft Viva: Viva Goals—Goal Customization at Team LevelCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: URL changes to Viva Insights on the web and Viva Insights analyst workbenchLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Copy simulation action in Attack Simulation TrainingRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Forward Messages in Teams chatsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Controlled-content meeting template (Premium)LaunchedStatus

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