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11-April-2024 Below you will find a collection of news published yesterday. This news consists of Microsoft’s Roadmap when it is updated it will be below with items. Then there will be a section with the message center, if there is anything new there, this will be automatically included. And it contains a piece from blogs that I follow myself and would like to share with you. If I miss something in the blogs that do have an RSS feed, please let me know.

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The blogs of this day are:

Boost Productivity: Explore GPTs and Plugins with MS Copilotvan IT_Integral
Maximize Productivity: In-Depth Guide to MS Copilot 2023van IT_Integral
Top 10 Excel Tips to Stand Out: Ultimate Cheat Sheetvan IT_Integral
Top Office Shortcut Ever: Enhance Your Productivity!van IT_Integral
New Nested App Authentication is simpler and safer for Office Add-ins: Legacy Exchange tokens off by default in October 2024van @Microsoft365Dev
Advance Presentation Technique – Run any slide from any pptvan @drnitinp
New Copilot Pane Preview in Power BI Desktopvan IT_Integral
Essential Settings You Must Block for Secure External User Accessvan @365Reports
The Future of Work Is…Changevan @buckleyplanet
Maximize Productivity: Master Copilot for End Usersvan IT_Integral
Review an upcoming authentication change for Outlook add-insvan @mstcommunity
Dataverse – Data Import from SharePoint List Effortlesslyvan IT_Integral
Introducing Microsoft Teams Call Record Insightsvan IT_Integral
Power BI Update – April 2024van IT_Integral
Resolved: Trending Issue: HTTP Error 500.19 – “Cannot read configuration file because it exceeds the maximum file size”van @stefan_gossner
SharePoint security fixes released with April 2024 PU and offered through Microsoft Updatevan @stefan_gossner
April 2024 CU for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is available for downloadvan @stefan_gossner
April 2024 CU for SharePoint Server 2019 is available for downloadvan @stefan_gossner
April 2024 CU for SharePoint Server 2016 is available for downloadvan @stefan_gossner
Optimize Power Apps: Master PATCH Function Effectivelyvan IT_Integral
Ultimate Azure Stack HCI Guide for Beginners 2024van IT_Integral
Maximize Insights: Master EXPAND and COLLAPSE in Visual Calculationsvan IT_Integral
Publish an SPPKG file to SharePoint Onlinevan 
20-Min Guide: Build a Top Finance Dashboard with Power BIvan IT_Integral
Set privacy preference on Dynamics 365 CE Environmentvan @UK365GUY
Maximize Web Scraping Efficiency with Edges Microsoft Copilotvan IT_Integral
Upgrade Classic Azure Administrator Roles by August 2024van @12Knocksinna
Secure Data Collection with Microsoft Lists New Formsvan IT_Integral
SharePoint at the Microsoft 365 Community Conferencevan @mstcommunity
What is SharePoint Search Schema?van IT_Integral
Microsoft Teams News – April 2024 Updatevan @tomarbuthnot
Using combined emojis, GIFs, and stickers in Microsoft Teamsvan @duffbert
What’s New for SharePoint Server – March 2024van @helloitsliam
SharePoint: the good old intERnet daysvan @EllenvanAken
Power Fx: Column names escape double quotesvan @MSPowerApps
“Apple Vision Pro’ductivity” 🎙 – The Intrazone podcastvan @mstcommunity
Auto Refresh Feature Added to Power BI for PowerPointvan IT_Integral
Master Azure OpenAI Language Studio: Boost Your Skillsvan IT_Integral
Yes! Changing your display name in Microsoft Teams meetings is coming soon.van @tomorgan
Can I apply a dynamic security group to a shared mailbox? #M365AMAvan @buckleyplanet

Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-04-10

Additions : 1
Updates : 1

More Details At:

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Microsoft Edge: Auto-discarding Sleeping TabsIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
Microsoft Viva: Personalized Viva Goals Digest EmailsLaunchedStatus

Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-04-11

Items from the MessageCenter in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Copilot in Outlook: Logging and Microsoft Purview eDiscovery support
Category:Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365)

Microsoft Outlook has added additional logging and Microsoft Purview eDiscovery support for Copilot in Outlook features that have already been released, and future Copilot in Outlook features as well. These features will be available in Outlook for Mac, web, iOS, Android, and the new Outlook for Windows.

[When this will happen:]

General Availability (Worldwide): We will begin rolling out mid-April 2024 and expect to complete by late April 2024.

[How this will affect your organization:]

Learn more about eDiscovery: Search for and delete Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 data | Microsoft Learn

[What you need to do to prepare:]

This rollout will happen automatically by the specified date with no admin action required. You may want to notify your admins about this change and update any relevant documentation as appropriate.

Microsoft Dataverse – Service Update 9.2.24042.00000 for EUR
Category:Microsoft Dataverse
We have a minor service update planned for your Microsoft Dataverse environment hosted in EUR.

This service update will occur within your region’s scheduled maintenance timeline, on the scheduled date listed for Microsoft Dataverse.

How does this affect me?
The version number for your Microsoft Dataverse environment will update to version 9.2.24042.00000 or higher.

There is no expected degradation to service performance or availability, however, during this maintenance window users may see short, intermittent impact such as transient SQL errors or a redirect to the login screen.

What action do I need to take?
This message is for awareness and no action is required.

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