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14-March-2024 Below you will find a collection of news published yesterday. This news consists of Microsoft’s Roadmap when it is updated it will be below with items. Then there will be a section with the message center, if there is anything new there, this will be automatically included. And it contains a piece from blogs that I follow myself and would like to share with you. If I miss something in the blogs that do have an RSS feed, please let me know.

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The blogs of this day are:

Interconnectedness, a thriving & diverse relationshipvan @Lesley_wolan
Master SQL Joins: 10 Examples to Go From Beginner to Provan IT_Integral
Power BI Tutorial in 12 Minutes (Why It Is Better Than Excel)van IT_Integral
Approaches to reducing the digital workplace carbon footprintvan @DWG
Maximize Your Video Potential with Microsoft Streamvan IT_Integral
How to Merge Tables in Power Apps Gallery: A Guidevan IT_Integral
Resolved – Trending Issue: SP2016 – Aggregated newsfeeds are failing to load after installation of the November 2023 CU or newervan @stefan_gossner
Control Content-Security-Policy Header for SharePoint Pagesvan @stefan_gossner
Feature Update 24H1 for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition has been released todayvan @stefan_gossner
SharePoint security fixes released with March 2024 PU and offered through Microsoft Updatevan @stefan_gossner
March 2024 CU for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is available for downloadvan @stefan_gossner
March 2024 CU for SharePoint Server 2019 is available for downloadvan @stefan_gossner
March 2024 CU for SharePoint Server 2016 is available for downloadvan @stefan_gossner
The new Planner in Teams is now in Public Previewvan @mstcommunity
Quick Guide to Dynamic Subscriptions in Power BI Reportsvan IT_Integral
Copilot GPT Builder, a new tool for Microsoft’s Copilot Pro users, has been officially launched.van IT_Integral
Customizing Quarantine Notification Messagesvan @12Knocksinna
How to Clear SharePoint Search History (Microsoft 365)van @Ryan Clark
How to Use SharePoint Modern Document Library Templatesvan @Ryan Clark
How to Create Colored Folders in SharePoint and OneDrivevan @Ryan Clark
Maximize your Office Add-in success with free Microsoft Partner programsvan @Microsoft365Dev
{Customer Insights} Configure email messages to the right contact email addressvan @UK365GUY
Power Query: Add Name Column in Append Queriesvan IT_Integral
How to Link Dynamics 365 Dates with Outlook Mentionsvan IT_Integral
Optimizing SCCM Deployments: Remove device from collection after OSDvan 
Action required: ensure your Microsoft Teams apps are ready for upcoming domain changesvan @Microsoft365Dev
Explore the Latest Teams Planner Update – Public Preview!van IT_Integral
The New Planner in Microsoft Teamsvan 
How to create a private Planner in Microsoft Teams ?van 
Seven ways digital workplace teams support the rollout of generative AIvan @DWG
Flow Studio App v1.2 Updatesvan @johnnliu
Pinning Inbox emails on Outlook on the webvan @duffbert
Enhance productivity using Teams’ developer-oriented collaboration tools and Copilotvan @mstcommunity
Optimize Security for Office 365 Before MS 365 Copilot Activationvan IT_Integral

Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-03-13

Additions : 0
Updates : 1

More Details At:

Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
Microsoft Teams: Inactive teams and inactive domains report export capabilityRolling OutStatus

Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-03-14

Additions : 9
Updates : 17

More Details At:

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Microsoft Teams: Save meeting content with collaborative annotations as a WhiteboardIn Development
Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365: Microsoft Copilot with graph grounded chat in the Microsoft 365 mobile appIn Development
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Information Protection – Sensitivity label grouping modernizationIn Development
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Information Protection – Sensitivity label grouping modernizationIn Development
Microsoft Edge: Desktop Shortcut for New Enterprise DevicesIn Development
Microsoft Edge: Updated reauthentication flyout when Web Single Sign-On failsIn Development
Microsoft Viva: Viva Connections Analytics in GCCIn Development
Microsoft Viva: Dashboard personalization on tablet in Viva ConnectionsIn Development
Microsoft Viva: Revamped Resources on mobile and tabletIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
Microsoft Viva: Custom Topic Types for Viva TopicsCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: Topics bot brings you topic information to your Teams chatCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: Trending TopicsCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: Editors cohort for topicsCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: Topic level metrics on topic experiencesCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: Viva Topics – Microsoft Graph Search API returns TopicCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams: Customize and edit emails for webinars (Premium)LaunchedStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams: Deploy your frontline operational hierarchy in the Teams Admin CenterLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Viva: Viva Goals – CopilotLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Viva: Contribute to topics you are related to from your inboxCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: Contribute to topics from the expanded topic cardCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Viva: Answers in Viva content in Workplace SearchRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Viva: MyTopics for all users in a Topics tenantCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams: External call routing settingsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Microsoft Information Protection and Insider Risk Management support multicloud environmentsIn DevelopmentTitle, Description
Microsoft Teams: Workspace ManagementCancelledStatus, Description
Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services: Bulk suppression of rooms enrolled in Managed ServicesLaunchedStatus

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