Understanding Microsoft SharePoint: A Comprehensive Guide

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a versatile platform that serves multiple purposes. It’s a place where you can store your documents, share your news, and even create your intranet. Let’s delve into the details to understand its functionalities better.

SharePoint as an Intranet

When you start with SharePoint, you’re greeted with an intranet interface. This interface, which can be customized to your liking, can include pictures, news, videos, calendars, and even a directory of your coworkers. It’s a comprehensive platform that keeps you connected and informed.

One of the key features of SharePoint’s intranet is its compatibility with Microsoft Teams. You can share your intranet across Microsoft Teams using Viva Connect, an app within the Microsoft 365 store.

Creating a New Site with SharePoint

When you begin using SharePoint, you gain the ability to create a new site. You have the option to create a communication site, like the one I just showed you, or a team site. Creating a team site is similar to setting up a Microsoft Team, and you can choose to set it up as private or public.

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Collaborating with SharePoint

Once you’ve created your team site, you can start collaborating. You can share news about your project, add quick links, and upload documents. This is where you can store files that are collaborated on by multiple people in your team.

You’ll find a document library where you can create new documents from within the menu or drag and drop documents for upload. These documents are shared with your team, fostering a collaborative environment.

As long as you create the site from within SharePoint, you’ll have the option to add a Microsoft Team. Most SharePoint sites are eventually connected to a project, although some may not be due to different permissions.

SharePoint and Teams

In Microsoft Teams, you’ll find a files tab that is essentially SharePoint on the backend. You can open the document library in SharePoint for this specific site, allowing everyone who is a member of the team to add documents in SharePoint as well.

This integration forms the base of SharePoint, making it a powerful tool for collaboration and organization.

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