How to connect a SharePoint site to an Office 365 group?


Everywhere you go you see this image about how to “connect to a new Office 365 group”. How difficult could it be, right? Well, it was simple until a couple of weeks ago. Several people came to me and asked me where the button was…

No option to connect to Office 365 group


That is strange! Even in Microsoft Docs it is explained like this (08-12-2020). I do not know what happened, but something changed. Luckily the button is still there, it is just a little bit hidden.

You have to go into the site information from the gear icon:

SharePoint Site information


From there click on view all site settings:

all settings SharePoint


Nothing here but now hit the gear Icon and you are able to connect to a new office 365 group:

connect site to office 365 group


After this action you are able to connect a new office 365 group:Connect


You can select the names and decide if the group needs to be private or public:

connect description


Add people to your group:

add owners and members


After you hit finish it is ready:

ready site connected group


This is just a short example to overcome the first huddle of not finding the menu, but you will need to investigate if permissions etc. are still correct. From here you could continue and go for the full-blown site with a team connected to it.




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