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21-May-2024 Below you will find a collection of news published yesterday. This news consists of Microsoft’s Roadmap when it is updated it will be below with items. Then there will be a section with the message center, if there is anything new there, this will be automatically included. And it contains a piece from blogs that I follow myself and would like to share with you. If I miss something in the blogs that do have an RSS feed, please let me know.

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Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-05-21

Office 365 Roadmap Updated: 2024-05-21

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Items from the MessageCenter in Microsoft 365

Introducing Copilot+ PCs
Today we announced a PC for the AI era: the Copilot+ PC. These business-ready devices utilize powerful new silicon with a neural processing unit (NPU) capable of more than 40 trillion operations per second. As Secured-core PCs that come with the Microsoft Pluton security processor, Copilot+ PCs enable organizations of all sizes to benefit from advanced AI and hardware-based security. Like all new Windows 11 devices, Copilot+ PCs are easy to deploy and manage, compatible with your existing technology, and designed to be secure by default. 
Copilot+ PCs offer new features that help organizations of all sizes to increase productivity and enhance communication, including: 
  • Recall, which enables you to find mission-critical information faster 
  • Live captions with real-time translation for video calls, recordings, and streamed content 
  • Windows Studio Effects to help people put their best face forward in video calls and minimize distraction 
When will this happen: 
The first Copilot+ PCs available feature the advanced Snapdragon X Elite Arm processors from Qualcomm. Devices with Intel and AMD processors will follow later this year. 
What you need to do to prepare: 
Since Copilot+ PCs run on Windows 11, you can deploy, manage, and secure them using the same, familiar tools you use today to manage your existing Windows device ecosystem. You can get to know the new security and productivity capabilities available in Copilot+ PCs by reading today’s post on the Windows Experience Blog
Additional information: 
To learn more about Copilot+ PCs and the available devices built for business, visit the Copilot+ PCs product page. For more detail on security in Copilot+ PCs, check out the Microsoft Security Blog

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