Microsoft Roadmap, messagecenter en blogs updates van 16-10-2023

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16-October-2023 Onderstaand vindt je een verzameling van nieuws dat gisteren is gepubliseerd. Dit nieuws bestaat uit de Roadmap van Microsoft wanneer deze geupdate is zal deze hieronder staan met items. Daarna komt er een stukje met het messagecenter als daar iets nieuws inzit word dit automatisch meegenomen. En er zit een stukje in van Blogs die ik zelf volg en graag met je deel. Mis ik iets in de blogs wat wel een rss feed heeft laat het me dan weten.

Deze hele post is geautomatiseerd via Microsoft Flow.
Veel lees plezier!

De blogs van deze dag zijn

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integration with website affects marketing featuresvan @UK365GUY
Microsoft Build the Netherlands 2023van @appieschot
Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Goodbye Live Events, Hello Town Hallsvan @Microsoft365Pro
Microsoft 365: Selecting the location where to publish a post in Microsoft Teams channels!van @jcgm1978
Microsoft Removes Exchange Online User Photo Cmdletsvan @12Knocksinna
How to Report Licenses Assigned Through Group-Based Licensingvan @practical365
Weekly Update 9 October 2023 – Graph Connectors, Graph CLI, NDEAM, SCS2023van @tomorgan
M365Summits am 24. und 25. Oktober 2023van @HansBrender
My experience at Experts Live Australiavan @BurgerhoutJ
{How to } Disable anonymous access to Power Pagesvan @UK365GUY
Blue Plate Special: The English Beatvan @buckleyplanet
September 2023 updates for modernization and theming in Power Appsvan @MSPowerApps
Microsoft 365 Pulse Roadmap webcast – Episode 185van @duffbert
Microsoft 365: Introduction to Modern Collaboration Architecture!van @jcgm1978
#MVPbuzzChat with Monica Rathbunvan @buckleyplanet
Easily hiding the ability to use passwords for signing into Windowsvan @pvanderwoude
Expanded Microsoft Security Experts offerings provide comprehensive protectionvan @MSFTSecurity
How to create Organization Assets Document Libraries in SharePointvan @gregoryzelfond
PowerAutomate – How to Use AI Builder Create Text with Chat GPT Actionvan @techwizardcloud
How to Create Dynamic Microsoft 365 Groups (and Teams) for Departmentsvan @12Knocksinna
Identifying Malicious Emails in Inboxesvan @practical365
{Do you know} Power Pages Trial period is for 90 daysvan @UK365GUY
What Is The Correct Layout For Your Marketing Forms?van @MeganVWalker
Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly podcastvan @sarahhaase
Easily handle long-running operations using middleware in the Microsoft Graph .NET SDKvan @waldekm
How to access Viva Amplify on day one: A quick guidevan @joao12ferreira
Microsoft 365: Compartiendo páginas de Sitios de SharePoint (I)!van @jcgm1978
Updates in Microsoft Teamsvan @Femkedebruin
How to Remove Licenses From Disabled Accounts with PowerShellvan @12Knocksinna
How to customize Microsoft Mesh eventsvan @vesanopanen
Generate EdDSA key pair in .NET and save it to jsonvan @sadomovalex
Managing Send and Receive Connectors in Exchange 2019van @practical365
{How to} enable Bootstrap Version 5 for Power Pagesvan @UK365GUY
Fetching Content Explorer data via the Export-ContentExplorerData cmdletvan  Vasil Michev
Tekkigurus – Numbers – Zahlenvan @HansBrender
SharePoint security fixes released with October 2023 PU and offered through Microsoft Updatevan @stefan_gossner
October 2023 CU for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is available for downloadvan @stefan_gossner
October 2023 CU for SharePoint Server 2019 is available for downloadvan @stefan_gossner
How to detect if a SPFx Application Customizer is running inside Microsoft Teamsvan @joao12ferreira
Microsoft 365: Compartiendo páginas de Sitios de SharePoint (II)!van @jcgm1978
Summit 2023 – The kick-off with Mirkovan @wpninjasummit
✨ Career in tech Tips & Tricksvan @Femkedebruin
Personal Branding: mijn belangrijkste inzichtenvan @Femkedebruin
Deeper control over HTTP invocation of flowsvan @geoffeve
Manage printer mappings on cloud-managed Windows devicesvan inthecloud_247
How to create an amazing Onboarding Site in SharePoint Onlinevan @gregoryzelfond
How to Block User Access to Microsoft 365 PowerShell Modulesvan @12Knocksinna
SfB 2019 Server Security Update – October 2023van @greiginsydney
SfB 2015 Server Security Update – October 2023van @greiginsydney
Summit 2023 – Keynote interview with Ramya and Stevevan @wpninjasummit
{How to} Purge cache Power Pagesvan @UK365GUY
Power Platform CoE – SYNC HELPER – Appsvan @Hang_Jimmy
EOA29 | Mevo Multi Camera Livestreamvan @ragnarh
Alex & Ragnar Show #102: Dokumente auf Abruf? Aber gern – automatisch!van @ragnarh
Practical Protection: Practical Guidance from the Microsoft Digital Defense Reportvan @practical365
Measuring up: the new strategic outlook for digital workplace metricsvan @DWG
As a System Administrator, I would like to create a DLP policy for my environment(s) so I can help protect data in my organizationvan @msolena2
CollabTalk Podcast | Episode 96 with Nick Hobsonvan @buckleyplanet
Sessions and Tracks and Sponsors, Oh my…van @idubbs
Hide SharePoint Lists throughout SharePoint and in the Microsoft Lists App Recent Listsvan 
Updated SAP Connector for .Net support in on-premises data gatewayvan @microsoftflow
Hide try the new Outlook toggle the correct wayvan inthecloud_247
Storytelling and Contextvan @idubbs
Microsoft 365: People View in OneDrive for Business!van @jcgm1978
Teams Displays Too Many Irritating Popup Messagesvan @12Knocksinna
Quick tip: prevent automatic deletion of an inactive Microsoft Dataverse environmentvan @jopxtwits
How to automate applying a SharePoint theme across site collections with PnP PowerShellvan @joao12ferreira
Summit 2023 – M365 Security with Stefan Schörling & Mattias Borgvan @wpninjasummit
Changes to how you sideload an Outlook add-in manifest (as of Sep 2023)van @camerondwyer
How to remove a SharePoint theme from your tenantvan @joao12ferreira
#67 External content on Microsoft 365van @waldekm
Remove the Azure Arc Setup “feature” installed on Windows Server 2022van @mniehaus
How AI Could Kill Us All – Part 1van @stevemordue
OData property changes to Microsoft Graph callRecords change notificationsvan @Microsoft365Dev
Introducing Skills in Microsoft Viva, a new AI-powered service to grow and manage talentvan @office
Easily debug Microsoft Graph .NET SDK requestsvan @waldekm
Updating Flow Studio’s Flow Diagram featurevan @johnnliu
Gebruik de Focus Timer in Viva Insightsvan @Femkedebruin
{How to } Upgrade Microsoft Power Platform Wave release from Power Platform Admin Centervan @UK365GUY
OneDrive Advanced Security in Microsoft 365 Basic Plan: Will Security Measures Extend to Microsoft 365 Business Basic As Well?van @365Reports
Power Pages WebAPI error with N:N relationship enabled table permissionsvan @michelcarlo
Detect threats using Microsoft Graph Logs – Part 1van @fabian_bader
Auto assign Android Managed Google Play appsvan @mr_helaas
{How to} turn off Try new look Oct wave 2 release feature on Dynamics 365van @UK365GUY

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